Have you ever wondered what the world could be? I have, I do every day. This thought is an obsession of mine. My vision of what tomorrow could look like, the world I see, drives my actions today.

The world I see is a fantastic place filled with everyone, you included, doing not what society ‘expects,’ of you but what makes you feel alive. It is a world where people realise and remember the power of dreams and don’t just dream them but actually LIVE them.

The world I see is a thriving ecosystem where individuals and companies reconsider their place not just as ‘I’ but as part of a working, functioning and interconnected community and truly believe in their ‘values,’. It has an economy which understands the scarcity of local and global resources and values people of all creeds, colours, and castes not as tools for making more money but as fellow human beings.

The world I see is an Eden with thriving coral reefs, snow-capped and glaciated mountains and diverse flourishing animal populations that are protected not poached. It is a world where thanks to technological advancements like renewable energy, sustainable living and business practices, climate change is no longer an issue.

The world I see is a future where our kids, their kids and kids in 1000 years’ time get to experience the beautiful world that I have been fortunate to explore.

“How can we best use the restart that COVID has provided us to create the world I see, the world we all want?”

Shane Quinnell

There’s no question, COVID has given us all a kick in the pants. It’s been a wake-up call to the relative fragility of all the things we consider ‘normal.’ So too did the recent bushfires in Australia which sent much of the massive countries’ East Coast up in smoke. The hard truth is the world is changing, has changed and will be different…

BUT, and this is a HUGE but, the flipside is that there has never been a better time to build a better world. I truly, earnestly, and passionately believe, there has never in recent history been a more opportune time to build the world I see.

Crisis creates opportunity. Necessity is the mother of all invention and has led to many amazing societal leaps and new companies. For example, Uber, AirBnb and Groupon, all super successful companies, started smack in the middle of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).

If you can pull yourself away from the fear and panic, you realise recessions and dramatic global disasters are like a restart button for the world… and as we all know, if timed appropriately restarting devices has the inexplicable power of being able to fix nearly any issue.

The question I keep asking myself is ‘how can we best use the restart that COVID has provided us to create the world I see, the world we all want?’ I wake each day with this question and do my best daily to follow Gandhi’s message and “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Steve Jobs once said “the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do.”  I have been called “crazy,’ many times in my life. Given the possibility Steve was right I am prepared to risk of being called crazy again and admit I truly believe we CAN change the world.  

My question to you is what world do you want to live in, a fragile world of inequality, climate change and fear or the world I see? I can’t do this alone; will you join me in changing the world?

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