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Shane came in to speak to the company about his personal experiences and the tools he used to overcome the extreme challenges he faced. His story was one of true triumph and gave us all food for thought in how to get ahead, and Glide to Soar. I would recommend Shane if you want to be inspired, reconsider facing some of those challenges you thought were too hard, and to learn about a mental tool that could enrich your life.
Danin Khan

CEO, Todae Solar (Australia’s #1 C&I Solar Installer)

I thoroughly enjoyed Shane’s keynote, Glide to Soar.It was such an amazing experience, I felt apart of the story. It felt like he was speaking to each of us and we were assessing our own life. Shane is absolutely the right person to help conscious companies supercharge their performance! As a professional speaker myself on Conscious Leadership I can see the sky is his only limit.
Catherine Molloy

Director, Auspac Business Advantage & Professional Speaker

Shane rocked the audience at Speaker’s Tribe Conference 2020. He was one of the most inspirational speakers for sure!His message is powerful and relevant to anyone around adversity and overcoming life’s challenges. I am a speaker’s coach at the Speaker’s Institute and worked with Shane in the lead up to the event.Out of all the speakers he was definitely the most professional, he won’t let you down!And more importantly, he’s meant to resonate with the audience. If you want to inspire your audience Shane is definitely the guy. I highly recommended him.
Andy Otto

Speaking Coach, Leader, Andy Otto Retail Sales Leadership Training

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant SHANE!! Your speech is simply WOW!
Ladies & Gentlemen, this is the POWER of moving visuals & story showing.
Tony Tan

Deputy CEO & Co-Founder, Imperium

I’ve watched Shane speak at Speakers Tribe Global conference 2020.Glide to Soar was phenomenal, Shane was absolutely brilliant! What an amazing experience, I just thoroughly enjoyed it!If you’re looking for an international speaker, who has got some incredible experiences that he makes relatable to the world,check out Shane Quinnell and his amazing, amazing story and message of Glide to Soar.
Craig Johns

CEO, NRG2Perform, CEO Coach

Shane is an inspirational and captivating speaker who brings the listener into his story. A story of courage, tenacity, resilience and love. Shane has much to share with the world and his theory ‘Glide to SOAR’ is filled with such simplicity and beauty and based on his learnings in his darkest moments. We can’t wait to see Shane SOAR to his highest peak and to bring others with him
Sue O'Callahan and Jo-anne Webb

Founders, Pods with Posh and Pool

Shane – Thank you so much for inspiring us. Your story is powerful and the way you delivered is even more incredible!
Author Sherry

TEDx Speakers Coach & Founder, The Public Speaking University

I recently saw Shane speak at a conference and his message Glide to Soar is such an inspiration. I believe that if this message was to get embodied by people all over the world, we would really start to see a shift in the changes that we want to see in the world. I would like to see Shane on every stage possible or throughout the world sharing this message.
Shannon Hurley

Ocean Activist, Nature Conservation Campaigner

I had the privilege of being on the Gold Coast when Shane presented at a global Conference. Glide to Soar is a truly remarkable presentation.There was so many takeaways for the audience. The number one message that resonated with me was that every day is a gift. The way that Shane’s shared that message, along with his inspirational story had a massive impact on me. I think if more people live life understanding everyday is a gift they will be a lot happier and as a result have a much bigger positive impact on the people around them
Sean Bell

Endurance Athlete, Personal Trainer

That’s how you tell a story!! You could hear a pin drop in here. Everyone was one the edge of their seats!

Wasn’t it amazing how Shane crafted that story… You thought he was just going to glide through the air, when BANG. Take that message away, do something with it. That is the power of the message in every presentation.

Warren Tate

Speaker and Presentation Coach , (EmCee statement following TENx)

Shane is arguably the most driven person I know. Shane is driven by adventure, by life itself. He knows how to dream big, plan big and make things happen. Through planning he knows how to turn every dream into an epic adventure!
Deirdre Pieters

Marketing Manager Ram Mountaineering , (Black Diamond) South Africa

Having worked closely with you over the past year, I can attest to your statement in the post, you do try each day to be the change you want to see in the world. It is infectious and I feel lucky to have had the chance to work closely with you. Keep it up
Chris Gavin

Associate Director, Someva Renewables

Congratulations on your talk. I really enjoyed it. I think you’ve nailed it! particularly the dramatic pause!
Karen List

Leader in Human Potential, Conscious Breathwork Facilitator

I have honestly never been in a room that was quieter than when Shane was telling his story.It was gripping and so well told. In fact I was so engrossed I even forgot to take a photo!”

President, The Rotary Club of Renmark

I am mesmerized by your passion, your spunk and ability to tackle the problem head-on.Your talk vicariously transported me and made me experience the bone-crunching impact….. You were “in the money” and doing some wonderfully impassioned speaking, carefully picking up your pieces and then resurrection to your current self, like a Phoenix. I am grateful that you accepted our invite to speak at the India Summit. I am looking forward to recommending you to my network when they look for a ‘Motivational Speaker of a High Order’. Glad to know you. Good luck and look forward to hearing more you, Shane

Ankush Patel

Revenue Coach, Marketing Automation Coach, Author

I heard Shane address the Speakers Institute India 10th Virtual Summit last weekend and I was truly mesmerized by his story showing skills. He has a strong story, tremendous will power to bounce forward and true passion to share his learnings with the world! I am in awe of his use of technology to take us on a virtual experience of exactly what he went through.His message of ‘Glide to Soar’ is inspirational and we all have a lot to learn from him. I am waiting to read his book and I am sure it will be a transformational one! Glad to be connected with you Shane! Looking forward to loads of learning from you. Keep inspiring!

Lavanya Adekhandi

Public Speaker, Story Teller and Upcoming

It was a pleasure to listen to Shane’s life story. The way he faced life after his deadly accident was very inspirational. His interactive way of speaking ensures that your own life experiences are reflected based on his thoughts. You experience these life situations from a different perspective which is very valuable. Thanks for speaking and keep on the good work!

Gilles Schreuder

Mechanical Engineering Student, The Hague University of Applied Sciences



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