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Below is a list of thrilling stories from various adventures as published in numerous printed media. The articles can be accessed by clicking on the images or headings and websites of the publishers by clicking the links.

Our first photo journal delves into our incredible experience with the gorillas of Uganda. Published by Sawubona Magazine in October 2017. Get a FREE subscription HERE.

Our guide to crossing African borders with less hassles, providing 12 tried and tested tips garnered during 7 months on the wild roads of Africa. Published by Leisure Wheels in October 2017.

Overshadowed by Mt Kilimanjaro and, to a lesser extent, Mt Kenya, the mind-blowing Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda, Africa’s largest range, remain secret summits. This article published in Getaway MagazineOctober 2017, tells of our epic mission to the Jurassic land and tries to answer why we climb.

Our expedition Suzuki Africa Sky High is as much about trying to answer some fundamental questions as it is about experiencing Africa. This article published in July 2017 by South African 4×4 publication, Leisure Wheels, starts by defining the questions and tries to find the answers.

Travel Drakensberg, published in the May 2017 Getaway Magazine , is a compilation of awesome hiking ideas for the Drakensberg region South Africa. It was writing by an assortment of enthusiasts and compiled by Getaway into a roadmap of the coolest hikes in one of South Africa’s most stunning areas.

Reach for the sky is an expose by the well known South African 4×4 Magazine, Leisure Wheels, about us and our trip Suzuki Africa Sky High. It was written by Leisure Wheels and is a great overview of the main components of our dream.

Travel’s Hidden Truths is an article which focuses on the insight gained from life on the road and discusses the personal growth opportunities traveling offers which are often overlooked. It was published in Sawubona, SAA’s inflight magazine, in May 2017. Let us know what you think. For more about Sawubona check out the Sawubona Site

A high pace article about high altitude mountain biking madness encountered at the Rocky Mountain Fest 2016 at Afriski Afriski Site in Lesotho published by Ride in June 2016. Lots of excitment awaits . Ride Site

Back to the High Life is a thrilling story of Shane and his mate Jon tackling Lesotho’s Maluti Mountains shortly after Shane recovered from his paragliding incident. This is the article as published by Ride in March 2016, their website can be accessed here Ride Site

A captivating account of Mission to a GOLDen Height; a mountaineering trip up Mt Kenya which simultaneously aimed to develop youth leaders published in the 2014 Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA) journal MCSA Site

A recount of an adventure of friends who followed their dreams to fly Sir Lowry’s Pass near Cape Town, South Africa. The article was published in GoFly Magazine, South Africa’s paragliding and hangliding magazine in December 2014. GoFly Site


“That’s how you tell a story!! You could hear a pin drop in here. Everyone was one the edge of their seats!! Wasn’t it amazing how Shane crafted that story… You thought he was just going to glide through the air, when BANG! Take that message away, do something with it. That is the power of the message in every presentation.”

Warren Tate, Professional Speaker and Presentation Coach – statement as MC following Glide to Soar @ TENx

“Shane came in to speak to the company about his personal experiences and the tools he used to overcome the extreme challenges he faced. His story was one of true triumph and gave us all food for thought in how to get ahead, and Glide to Soar. I would recommend Shane if you want to be inspired, reconsider facing some of those challenges you thought were too hard, and to learn about a mental tool that could enrich your life.”

Danin Khan, CEO Todae Solar (Australias #1 C&I Solar Installer)

"Shane is an inspirational and captivating speaker who brings the listener into his story.  A story of courage, tenacity, resilience and love. Shane has much to share with the world and his theory 'Glide to SOAR' is filled with such simplicity and beauty and based on his learnings in his darkest moments. We can't wait to see Shane SOAR to his highest peak and to bring others with him."

Sue O'Callahan and Jo-anne Webb, Pods with Posh and Pool

"I have honestly never been in a room that was quieter than when Shane was telling his story. It was gripping and so well told. In fact I was so engrossed I even forgot to take a photo!"

The Rotary Club of Renmark

"Having worked closely with you over the past year, I can attest to your statement in the post, you do try each day to be the change you want to see in the world. It is infectious and I feel lucky to have had the chance to work closely with you. Keep it up!"

Chris Gavin, Someva Renewables

"It was a pleasure to listen to Shane's life story. The way he faced life after his deadly accident was very inspirational. His interactive way of speaking ensures that your own life experiences are reflected based on his thoughts. You experience these life situations from a different perspective which is very valuable. Thanks for speaking and keep on the good work!"

Gilles Schreuder, Mechanical Engineering Student, The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Congratulations on your talk. I really enjoyed it. I think you’ve nailed it, particularly the dramatic pause!

Karen List, Leader in Human Potential, Speaker and Conscious Breathwork Facilitator


ABOUT: How I learnt to Soar

From lying on a mountainside with a smashed back and two destroyed ankles to summiting Africa’s five highest mountains on a sponsored expedition. Find out about a life less ordinary, my beautiful family and what drives me to inspire you. 

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