About Shane Quinnell.

Inspiring performance focused people to create huge and sustainable positive change in their lives and environment through sharing lessons learnt in a life less ordinary!

Shane Quinnell is a speaker, adventurer and renewable energy expert. A published writer and photographer, he’s been sponsored on, and led various expeditions. A qualified mechanical engineer, Shane has nearly ten years’ experience in renewable energy development worldwide.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T S. Elliot

(Photo: Shane Quinnell, Sirimon Route, Mt Kenya, August 2017)


Shane’s Story…

Shane is a dynamic and refreshingly different human being. He is comfortable everywhere from remote mountains and isolated villages, to international events and corporate boardrooms. Having lived in and explored nearly 50 countries and enjoyed a vast array of extreme sports, Shane has lived a life on the edge. In 2015, aged only 24, he nearly died in a massive paragliding accident, badly breaking his back and smashing both legs. Following months of adversity and threatening depression in hospital and a wheelchair, Shane relearnt to walk and ultimately led an expedition to climb Africa’s 5 highest mountains.Today Shane continues to develop renewable energy, mainly large wind farms, professionally while speaking and adventuring. He lives with his beautiful family on the border of Royal National Park, the second oldest national park in the work, in Sydney Australia. 

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…My Incredible Family

A wise person once said “behind every great man is a more great woman (Eleanor Roosevelt).” I am not inferring I am a great man but merely I would be half of who I am without the two incredible ladies who make my life whole. In a real life version of the notebook, Tarryn and I first met in diapers up the best climbing tree in South Africa thanks to our parent’s friendship. We reunited in 2012 with a grand plan to move to Cape Town together after having spent only one day together in the fourteen years since I left SA at the ripe age of nine. Apart from four months while Tarryn was heavily pregnant and I searched for work in Australia, not the greatest timing I know, we have hardly been apart since. Trumping all the adventures and revelry our biggest achievement is quite simply our daughter Nyika, meaning wilderness in Swahili. Planned over a campfire in the Serengetti a week before we climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, the last and biggest of Africa’s five highest mountains, Nyika truly is wild at heart. Looking into my two girl’s beautiful blue eyes and knowing I have the power to help improve the world they inhabit along with the joy of helping others achieve success are my biggest motivators for getting up each day.